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  • The Great Toilet Training Challenge

    June 06, 2022 3 min read

    The Great Toilet Training Challenge - The Nappy Shop

    Are you ready for the joy of not having to carry your nappy bag with you at all times, of not having to change your baby where ever you happen to be? Trying to ensure you don’t get poo on other people's couches or trying to find somewhere to dispose of a dirty nappy in a shopping centre? These (relatively) carefree times may be just around the corner. If your child is over 18 months and can follow simple instructions ie. Wave for mummy. It might be time to proffer the potty!

    Signs your toddler is toilet ready

    If you find that your child is not wetting their nappy after two hours it shows they are gaining bladder control, which is of course is crucial to toilet training. Another essential element is teaching them how to let you know they need to use the potty. Key single words like potty, wee and poo are your best bet.  Little bladders can't hold too long, so you need to be able to understand what they are saying and take action immediately (and I mean immediately). The ability to pull their pants up and down will help greatly with the process, so start incorporating this into their daily dressing routine s soon as possible.

    When to start

    It is best to tackle toilet training when you have a bit of time. So try and choose a few weeks when you don’t have any holidays or house moves or people staying etc. Then you just make it part of their routine. Ask them in the morning if they need to use the potty, keeping in mind that even getting them to sit on the potty can take some time. So every time they do sit, shower them with praise, whether they do anything or not. Positive reinforcement is the name of the game. Children love being recognised for their triumphs (who doesn’t?), so reward stickers or a success chart are a great idea to keep your child engaged.

    What do you need?

    Set yourself and your child up for success by ensuring you have a potty or small toilet seat. Your little one will decide which they prefer. Next, you need training pants, pea pods reusable training pants are an environmentally friendly and reusable choice. Training pants allow your child to feel the sensation of wetness which regular nappies do their best to reduce. This discourages your child from using a nappy out of convenience even when they are busy playing. Nappy-free overnight is the last frontier of toilet training, it can also be the longest battle. To keep the stress to a minimum for all invest in some quality night nappies and a good mattress protector. We recommend Babylove SleepyNights and Conni Max bed pad

    What if my child doesn’t cooperate?

    Please keep in mind, that children develop new skills at different ages. There is no right or wrong age, some children are ready to be nappy-free before they are two and other children may still need night nappies into their teens. If you find that your child is either completely uninterested or distressed by the attempt to introduce toilet training, don't push it. Just pack it away and give it a few weeks. Try again and repeat. Trust me, one day it will click and next thing you now they will be insisting you wait outside the bathroom!