About Us

Our Story:

Back in 2003, before online shopping The Nappy Shop was established by us Chris & Kate (Mother & Daughter team!) 

We offered all the brands of nappies, wipes and change creams that were available back in 2003 which we could count on one hand! Over the years our range has grown and we now stock the widest range of quality nappies, baby wipes and nappy changing accessories and we continue to add great brands to our collection.

There was also not much choice for parents when it came to disposable nappies and there were certainly no Eco disposable nappies in Australia that were widely available in USA, UK and Europe. So we were the first shop to offer parents Eco friendly disposable nappy options for their babies.

How our Fast and Free Same Day Delivery Evolved:

As we are both Mum’s ourselves we can’t recall the number of times we got down to the last few nappies and had to make a mad rush to the supermarket with baby in toe to get nappies to then lug a big bulky heavy box or pack of nappies home among other groceries.  If we didn’t have room in the trolley for the bulk economy box, a packet would suffice but we would be back again  in a day or so in need of more nappies!

We thought, if only there was a nappy shop that delivered nappies baby wipes and all your nappy changing essentials super quick and left them quietly on the door step with out knocking ensuring a sleeping baby is not woken.

Well that is what we did and Phone orders started rolling in! A few years later, online shopping came about and we expanded our free delivery service of nappies and baby wipes to Metro areas Australia wide. Although we are unable to deliver same day interstate, most of the time delivery is next day to Sydney and Adelaide and a little longer for other states.

Exceptional service every time you order

Our aim is to always provide exceptional advice and service every time you order. As well as our own experience we have an abundance of information and experience when it comes to trouble shooting leaky nappies, nappy rash or any other nappy related issue you may be having.

We also pride our selves in being the fastest baby shop to deliver. Other baby store’s take on average about 2-7 days for delivery. Supermarkets and Chemists a little quicker however when you need something for your baby you need it quickly and that is why we aim to deliver as quickly as possible and always deliver or dispatch same day if ordered by 1pm. 

Nappy Shop Courier

As our local deliveries are done in house by us, we don't stop each day until all our deliveries are done. So if it's getting late and your nappies haven't arrived yet no need to race out to get supplies for the night, your order won't be far away!  If there is ever a problem with getting your order to you we will always contact you and let you know so you are not left in the lurch.



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