June 20, 2022 2 min read

Overnight toilet training can be a tricky time, and I mean you might actually be tricked into thinking your child no longer needs a night nappy and then whoop, two weeks later and it starts again. Generally speaking once your child is nappy-free throughout the day it does mean dry nights are hopefully on the horizon, however, it can be quite the journey to wee free slumber. Throughout this journey, you will face a great dilemma, which is best - Night Nappies or Mattress protection?

Here are some things to consider.

The Night Nappy

Disposable night nappies are designed to absorb 25% more than a day nappy and will keep your child feeling dry for up to 12 hours, we recommend Huggies Dry Nites. This very good for allowing your child (and yourself) to sleep through the night uninterrupted. However, they can be quite expensive as a long-term option. Considering that most children are out of day nappies by the time they are three years old and bed wetting is considered completely normal up until a child is five years old (with one in twenty continuing to wet the bed until they are eight years old) the costs can add up. The other nappy option is reusable cloth, great for the environment and your budget but most do not offer the same level of dryness or absorbency as disposable brands. So your child may feel uncomfortable, wake up and be tugging at your doona for a mid-night change.

Mattress Protectors and Bed Pads

Mattress protectors are a good idea at any age. Mattresses are expensive and notoriously hard to clean. When it comes to a child of bed wetting age, waterproof protection is crucial. As I mentioned earlier, it is a tricky and uncertain time, any night could end in a urine soaked child and you really want to mitigate the risk to bedding. Of course, waterproof mattress protectors can take a little getting used to and some can be just plain uncomfortable. It is a great idea to invest in good quality breathable protector and put it on when they move out of the cot. However, the one issue with even the most quality protector is that they are under the sheets, which can lead to a lot of washing and even a sheet shortage. If you only have a couple of fitted sheets per bed like me, another option is bed pads. We recommend is the Connie Bed pad it fits over the sheets for quick and easy night changes and less squeaky more comfy night’s sleep. Same with the Huggies DryNites Bed Mats.

Don’t Worry

The most important thing to remember is that every child is different. Some little ones will insist on wearing a night nappy long after they need as security, some will insist they don’t need one despite 14 wet nights in a row. All we can do is encourage their attempts, praise their triumphs and change their pajamas.