Child Proofing Your Home Checklist


  • Ensure a safety switch is installed on the main switchboard to prevent electric shock
  • Put Outlet Plugs in unused power points
  • Make sure there are no dangling electrical cords that your child can reach anywhere 


Windows, Windows, Glass , Glass Doors & Balconies & Balconies

  • Don’t put anything a child could climb onto underneath a window or edge of balconies
  • Put stickers on low windows and glass doors to help children see them
  • Consider applying shatter resistant film to any non-shatterproof windows and doors
  • If above ground floor install latches to Ensure windows can’t be opened more than 10cm
  • Teach your children to play away from windows and glass doors
  • Don’t rely on fly screens to stop your child from falling out of a window
  • Ensure balustrades on balconies are secure, intact and not loose so can’t be pulled off
  • Ensure children are always supervised on balconies


Burns and Scalds Burns and Scalds

  • Ensure the kettle cord is out of reach of children
  • When cooking ensure pot and pan handles are turned away from the edge of the stove
  • Fit a tap guard to the hot water tap to children from turning it on
  • Fill the bath with cold water first or fit a thermostatic valve to the bathroom taps


Heaters and Fire Hazards

  • Ensure fire alarms are installed and working correctly and test regularly
  • Keep a fire extinguisher and fire blanket in the kitchen
  • Install guards around heaters and open fireplaces
  • Keep matches and lighters out of reach of children



  • Install stair safety gates at top and bottom of stairs and make sure they are locked


Floor Coverings

  • Put anti slip mats under rugs and mats and tack down loose carpet or rug edges
  • Wood and tile floors can be slippery when wet so clean spills up immediately



  • Keep small fridge magnets out of reach of children as they can be a chocking hazard
  • Consider installing anti opening devices for microwave, oven, fridge and dishwasher
  • Consider a locking device for dishwasher and always place dirty knifes sharp end down
  • Keep surfaces hygienically clean by wiping them down regularly
  • Keep appliance cords away from edge so children can’t pull them or use a cord shortener
  • Consider a stove guard to keep children far enough away from hot oven door
  • When cooking ensure pot and pan handles are turned away from the edge of the stove
  • Keep plastic bags out of reach as they are a suffocation hazard Keep cleaning products including dishwasher powder and tablets out of reach or secured
  • Keep sharp objects out of reach or secured
  • Keep the rubbish bin out of reach or secured so it can’t be opened by a child
  • Consider installing cupboard and drawer locks to help prevent children opening them



  • Ensure all toys are suitable for your Childs age
  • Remove and discard all packaging bore letting your child play with the toy
  • Check the toy for any loose or removable parts that could become a chocking hazard
  • Immediately repair or throw away damaged or broken toys
  • Be aware of stings, ribbons and cords as they could become a strangulation hazard
  • Ensure toys are kept hygienically clean


Other Cautions

  • Put locks or safety latches on drawers or cupboards containing hazards to children such as medicine cabinet, cleaning products, poisons or sharp objects etc.
  • Never carry a baby with hot food or drink or never pass to a breast feeding women or lift over a child Avoid using table cloths as baby could pull it causing things on table to fall on them
  • Consider door stops and hinge protectors to prevent fingers getting trapped
  • Never leave any water in containers as babies only need a few centimeteres to drown
  • Avoid bean bags in your home as the small polystyrene balls can be a chocking hazard


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