Business Update - Our Supply of Nappies and Baby Wipes

The recent state of events has seen an influx of orders come through our website leaving us with unprecedented low / out of stocks.  

We have plenty of stock continuing to come in so please continue to check our website as it will be updated as soon as new stock comes in so please keep checking back.

Unfortunately some brands are starting to run out and will be temporary unavailable in the short term (see below for brand updates).

We recommend choosing  a different brand of Nappies or Baby Wipes if you can't buy the brands you normally use - there are plenty of brands still available.

Brand / Product Update - 30/4/20

As we receive updates from our suppliers they will be listed here:


BabyLove supply is  back to normal.


We are still receiving reduced stock allocated to us on Tuesday's and Thursday's each week so keep checking back to see if your preferred product is available.

The following Huggies products have not been supplied for a while now.

  • Huggies Ultimate Nappy Pants Size 6 (16+kg) Unisex 42 Pack

There is known ETA for the return of the above products however Huggies have released this statement:

"To our loyal Huggies families,

During these unprecedented times, we know many of you have experienced challenges in finding our nappies and wipes, and this can be very stressful as a parent.

Please know we are working around the clock and doing everything we can, increasing production at our mills to ensure we have sufficient stock to supply Australia and New Zealand retailers, so shelves can be replenished as soon as possible.

Sending you virtual hugs

The Huggies Team"


Tooshies by TOM

Out Of Stock Sizes - Unknown


Out Of Stock Sizes - Next Shipment - ETA May 2020

Bambo Nature

Out Of Stock Sizes - Next Shipment Early May 2020

Luvme / Pandas

Luvme Wipes and Pandas Medium Nappies  - Next Shipment Mid May 2020

Pandas Medium - Next Shipment May 15th 2020


Naty Baby Wipes - Next Shipment Mid May 2020

Gaia Baby Wipes

Next Shipment Mid May 2020

Reyard Surface Disinfecting Wipes

Next Shipment June 2020

Pea Pods

Next Shipment End May 2020



Update: 15/03/2020

Please be patient with us as we work overtime to process, pack, and answer enquiries as quickly as possible. Please remember we are a very small family business and doing our best to replenish stock levels as quickly as possible. 

Change in Return Policy

To deter panic buying we have updated our returns policy. When placing an order, please choose carefully as exchanges will be at our discretion and any excessive orders will not be exchanged or refunded. There may also be delays in processing any exchanges for our loyal customers.

How can you help?

1. Please keep an eye on your own order tracking. We send one email when your order is ready to be dispatched so please keep checking back to that email and clicking on the "track my order button" to visit the couriers tracking update page. 

2. Please email us rather than call us for anything related to your order. We only have one person answering phones so we can get your orders packed and dispatched as fast as possible. If you do call us, please leave us a message if we can't take your call at that time and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

3. Please also keep checking our website to see if your preferred brand is back in stock. If there is a known shortage or short term (under 3 months) out of stock item it will be listed in our brands / product update section at the bottom of this page. Everything else will continue to be replenished day by day.

Thank you so much for understanding as we work through this challenging time.