Strucket Soaker Bucket - 19L

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Strucket Soaker Bucket

Strucket Soaker Bucket is just like a normal bucket but better! The Strucket Soaker Bucket makes soaking simple and clean. Never fear to put your hand into the residual dirty, unhygienic, toxic mess that can be left in the bucket again. 

Dimensions: 45cm Length x 30cm Width x 35cm Height.


  • Strainer
  • Bucket
  • Interlocking Mechanism
  • Built-in Plug
  • Infinite Uses
  • Soaks, Agitates, Cleans & Disinfects

Cloth Nappies

It’s the perfect dry-pail nappy solution. Strucket is here to support families through their sustainable parenting journey – including reusable nappies, wipes, bibs and clothing.

Disinfecting Toys

Have you ever tried cleaning Lego? It’s not easy! Strucket can be used to disinfect your toys, ensuring no bad germs will be getting your kids sick. It’s perfect to use after kids parties, in child care, schools and around the house.

Baby Mess

Babies are messy. It’s a fact of life. Although it’s impossible to elimate all the spills, spews and poos, Strucket helps reduce the time an energy it takes to clean, giving families more time to do the things they love, together.

It’s the perfect dry-pail nappy solution.

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