Pea Pods One Size Modern Cloth Nappy

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Pea Pods One-Size Nappy is a complete Nappy unit that will fit baby from Newborn 4.5kg to 16kg. Pea Pods is the first Modern Cloth Nappy to feature adjustable leg elastic to change the size.

The Pea Pods absorber is made from Bamboo/Cotton. Bamboo is ultra absorbent, naturally antibacterial and a sustainable resource. It is recommended to pre wash absorber several times to enhance performance.

Outer Cover
The Pea Pods outer cover is made from 100% Polyester with Polyurethene coating.

How To Use Pea Pods One-Size Nappies
Pea Pods have a graduated sizing system to ensure a perfect fit at every stage of baby's development.

1. Adjust nappy to suit baby's age/weight range... the internal leg elastic adjusts like a bra strap! No need to re-adjust until baby grows.

2. Snap bamboo absorber into place with stay-dry panel against baby's skin OR insert absorber into pocket opening to use as "pocket style" nappy.

3. Fit to baby.

Night Time
Add a Night Booster. Sold seperately $4.95. This will give Pea Pods an added boost for overnight or extended periods of time for up to 12 hours.

Size Guide
Newborn - 4.5kg Elastic Setting: XS
4kg - 9kg Elastic Setting: S
6kg - 13kg Elastic Setting: M
8kg - 16kg Elastic Setting: L

Care Instructions
1. Empty any solids into toilet.
2. Remove absorber and place into a dry nappy pail to await washing (no soaking required).
3. Wash with other laundry items using only 1/2 strength detergent
4. Line dry or tumble dry on very low heat setting


  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not iron
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Limit barrier creams


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