Natures Child Flushable Liners 200pk

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Nature's Child flushable and compostable Nappy Liners can be used in both cloth and disposable nappies. There is no need to scrape poo off your nappies anymore, simply place one flushable nappy liners inside any nappy and you will be flushing the poo in the loo where it belongs! Helps keep your baby's skin dry.

Nature's Child Bioliners are flushable and compostable. Made from Ingeo™ Fibres, the world's first man-made fibres from 100% natural and renewable cornstarch resources. Free from genetically modified organisms (GMO).


  • Flush or Compost
  • Helps keep baby's skin dry
  • Make nappy changes easy
  • Saves time and washing
  • Stops bins stinking
  • 20cm x 29cm
  • Comes in pack of 2 Rolls of 100 Liners

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