Love To Dream Nuzzlin Sleep Bag 0.2 TOG


Improve your child's sleep with the Love To Nuzzlin Sleep Bag™.The original sleep bag with Genius Cooling System™, helps you to moderate your child's temperature without waking them, simply by opening or closing the zip mesh vents. Your baby sleeps comfortably & stays covered all night long.

Love to Dream Nuzzlin Sleep Bag is made from “New Generation Muslin” fabric, the Nuzzlin™ 0.2 TOG Sleep Bag is the lightest, most comfortable sleep bag available. Unlike traditional muslin fabric, which often feels hard & scratchy, “New Generation Muslin” knitted fabric is soft, stretchy & sublimely comfortable. “New Generation Muslin” is also extremely light & breathable, allowing your little one to sleep comfortably on even the warmest of nights or during the day.

Features & Benefits

  • Made from extra light 100% cotton knitted fabric
  • Perfect for your child’s sensitive skin
  • Plenty of stretch for a super comfy fit
  • Extra long zipper for easy nappy changes


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