Huggies Pull Ups Early Stage Trainers Girl 14-18kg 13 Pack

Huggies Early Stage Pull-Ups are great to use in those early stages of Toilet Training. Early stage toilet training pants for Girls are just like undies but without the drama! The wetness Liner allows your child to feel wetness for a few moments, before drawing the moisture away. Designs also fade when wet encouraging your child to stay dry.

Huggies Pull-Ups are an important part of toilet training your toddler, helping your child recognise and learn when they are wet or dry and the associated need to go to the toilet. A big part of being able to go to the toilet independently is also having the motor skills development to pull their clothing up and down. Pull-Ups allow your child to practise this up and down action to improve their dexterity.

Learning wet from dry
Feel Wet to Learn’ Wetness Liner inside Pull-Ups® Training Pants allows your child to feel wetness for a few moments, before drawing the moisture away. This helps your little boy to learn the difference between wet and dry to help him ultimately stay dry on his own.

Learning will mean little accidents in the beginning
Only Pull-Ups® Training Pants have Re-sealable Easy-Open sides to make them easier to remove in case of accidents.

Learning for boys & girls
Absorbency needs are different for boys. Pull-Ups® Training Pants for boys are designed to provide absorbency where he needs it the most during toilet training.

Learning means feeling like a ‘Big Kid’
With the underwear-like features of Pull-Ups® Training Pants, he will look and feel every bit like the ‘Big Kid’ that he wants to become.

Stay dry
Designs that fade when wet mean your child is encouraged to stay dry.

Learning the ups and downs
The soft, stretchy sides let your little boy practice pulling them up and down, just like undies. Also with Disney designs, Pull-Ups® Training Pants look more like real undies too.


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