16th October 2018

GOOOOD Morning,.  Just to let you know Huggies arrived this morning. All perfectly delivered. Thank you. Now I know the 1st batch have arrived in good order I will just send through new order as they need and carry on from there.  Just wanted to advise. 

Have a good day.  ( I wish everything would go in life as seamlessly as with your company )  ha ha!

Sandra, Heathmont VIC 3135


8th January 2018

Amazingly fast turnaround time - our order has already been delivered!

Melanie, North Fitzroy VIC 3051


4th January 2018

Despite me just missing the 1pm cut off, you delivered today! Thank you so much for your amazing service.... I was cutting it fine on having enough toddler nappies to get me through!

Have a great day!

Catriona, Brunswick West VIC 3055





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